Scalar Energy Facts

What is Scalar Energy? Scalar Energy is created when two identical frequencies that come from opposite directions meet, a cancellation of the free movement takes place creating a...

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Scalar Energy Products

Scalar Energy Products Thank you so much for visiting the Scalar4Health online store! Please contact Debbie Garcia with any questions! Velaqua Alkaline Water Machine from Debbie...

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The Invisible Killer

Electromagnetic Pollution

Electromagnetic Pollution We are the Leaders in eradicating electro pollution in the world of high technology with our Quantum Shield. Our Quantum Shield “simply”...

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Quantum Shields nullify the harmful effects of Electromagnetic Frequencies

Scalar Energy protects the bio-field and resonates at the cellular level. You can obtain protection and healing potential by wearing one of our Scalar Energy Products. The Quantum Shield nullifies the EMF’s emitting from electronic devices by attaching a Quantum Shield to your Cell phone, I Pad, Laptop, Microwave, Game Console, TV or any device frequently used.

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The Invisible Killer

We are the Leaders in eradicating electro pollution in the world of high technology with our Quantum Shield. Our Quantum Shield “simply” blocks a large percentage of electromagnetic frequencies (EMF) and electromagnetic radiation (EMR) that emits through any appliance or device. Studies have linked electro pollution to health concerns like fatigue and hypertension, as well as potentially much more dangerous conditions.

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